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Erica Mawer
Virtual Assistant

Driven by a high-performance mindset and a commitment to excellence and efficiency, I deliver exceptional administration and marketing support virtually from my home office. As a Virtual Assistant (VA), my services enable leaders and busy professionals to reclaim your most valuable asset: TIME.

Ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs/startups, and small businesses, enabling you to redirect your time and energy where they yield the greatest impact. 

Time is invaluable; let's make the most of it together.

With over two decades of experience spanning startups, global marketing and communications agencies, and as the founder of three businesses, I possess a diverse skill set and a client-centric approach that exceeds typical VA expectations. This background has allowed me to work across various dynamic industries, including Advertising, Automotive, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Financial Services (Private Equity & Superannuation), Fashion, Fitness, FMCG, Government (Local, State & Federal), Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Marketing, Media & Television, Professional Development, Real Estate, Retail, Tech, Telcos, and Tourism. This breadth of experience enables me to adapt quickly, understand your unique needs, and provide effective support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

In 2020, I established my VA business, SAGE Select, where I operate as a solo VA. This ensures that my clients receive dedicated attention directly from me; there are no subcontractors involved. I prioritise reliability and trustworthiness, always placing my clients' needs above all else. Your business receives the same meticulous care and attention to detail as my own. I deliberately limit the number of clients I take on to provide personalised, high-level focus and service.

Follow the link below for a comprehensive list of services.


Wondering when it's the right time to partner with a Virtual Assistant?

Consider it when:


  • Your startup is experiencing rapid growth, freeing you to focus on high-impact tasks.

  • Your small business is expanding or scaling up, enabling you to prioritise crucial growth strategies.

  • You're overwhelmed with daily tasks, allowing you to allocate your time and energy where it matters most.


Contact me today to discuss how I can contribute to your success journey. 

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